We have preset profiles which are packages at competitive prices, focused on a specific area or potential disease in the body.

Full Body Checkup

We also offer executive and prime packages which are covering full body health checks.

Both executive and prime packages are categorized from basic to advanced full body checks.
Advanced packages are equipped with imaging procedures. The procedures are executed by our specialized doctors so a more tangible analysis can be presented to you.

We recommend to avail at least once a year an advanced package, which you can follow up with a basic package for monitoring purposes.

We require a scheduled appointment for the executive and prime packages in order for us to plan a comfortable and fast experience at our facility.

Executive Panel

Prime Panel

Individual Tests

We offer a wide range of medical tests, physical examinations, invasive and non-invasive procedures. We have tests in Cardiology, Laboratory, Network, OR, Ultrasound, Woman Care and X-Ray. These tests can be taken individually or bundled with other types of tests.

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