What To Do If Your Child Is Diagnosed With Down Syndrome

Posted on: February 22nd, 2017
Author: LH Prime

You are not alone! Having a child with Down Syndrome makes you extra special parents because you choose to be there for your child. Kids Health makes us open our eyes to the fact that there are so many resources around us. Social media, networking, word of mouth, the internet, friends…all these are available so you can be more equipped and prepared to take on a bigger task.

What To Do If Your Child Is Diagnosed With Down Syndrome


Parenting is not easy. Being a parent with Down Syndrome is just another challenge to take.  To be really honest, you would always look upon yourself as the culprit on why your child has such deficiency. You should’ve done this, or not done that during your pregnancy. Worse, you’d think that you shouldn’t have completed the pregnancy.

Don’t let negative thoughts and feelings overwhelm you. Being a parent enough is overwhelming. Knowing that you and your spouse are together in this is one of the biggest blessings. LH Prime Cebu advocates these suggested steps to help you cope and manage being a parent to a child who has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome:

  1. Talk to other parents. Knowing that you are not alone always helps. Being able to hear other parents’ stories and what they are doing to cope will also give you a little feedback on what to expect. Then again, always remember, each child is different. While you are on the same boat, children with Down Syndrome, his child is different from your child. Always remember that.
  2. When the time comes for the child to attend school, choose a school that have experience in handling children with Down Syndrome. Putting the child in a regular and normal school might be good in your opinion, but remember, the child is the one attending school, not you. Enrolling the child in early intervention services would also help, i.e. speech therapists, early childhood educators, and the like.
  3. Be more sensitive and perceptive of your child’s needs. Remember you have a child who has more needs than that of a normal child. Be more understanding of the child’s moods, the challenge to speak and express himself, and more importantly, the difficulty to voice out what they feel.

A diagnostic clinic in Cebu will be able to help you out in having tests that would allow you to figure out what other challenges and deficiency in motor or cognitive skills that would need more attention. At the same time, a medical exam in Cebu can give you options on what steps to go through after getting the results and consulting with your physician.