The Truth About Oral Hygiene Products

Posted on: February 13th, 2017
Author: LH Prime

One of the most important aspects of hygiene that we almost always take for granted is oral hygiene. Unless you feel that a tooth is painful, then you think of visiting the dentist to have it checked. Almost always…too late.

The Truth About Oral Hygiene Products


Beavers Dentistry is going to share the truth about oral hygiene products and LH Prime Cebu hopes that this article would open everyone’s eyes. A medical exam in Cebu should not the option for you to know that you have a few teeth that need to be removed and replaced.

For starters, toothbrush.

Many are not aware that there is a time line to one’s toothbrush. 43% of the total population in the US have no idea when to replace their toothbrush. Imagine brushing your teeth with old ineffective toothbrush.


Whichever dentist you go to, you’d be told that flossing should always be a part of your oral hygiene. What flossing does is go beyond what the toothbrush cannot easily remove in between your teeth. Flossing removes dangerous plaque and those in between teeth and gums. You’ll have healthier gums with regular flossing. While there are many types of floss being sold, nylon floss is highly recommended be it shreds when used. When moving on to a new tooth, use a clean part of the floss.

Medical Daily says you shouldn’t believe ads when they say that whiter teeth are healthier. According to dentists, the healthy color of your teeth depend on race, your age, and other factors.

Another myth is about teeth bleaching and telling you that you shouldn’t be bleaching them. If you feel you’d like to have pearly whites, then go ahead. Living in the modern world has allowed us to have better alternatives to bleaching, compared to what they used before the 1990’s when bleaching was done through acidic ingredients. If you want to bleach, then go ahead.

These are just a few of the oral hygiene products and some myths that we, at LH Prime Cebu, hopefully, have given light and truth to.