Do Tonsil Stones Really Cause Bad Breath?

Posted on: February 15th, 2017
Author: LH Prime

Do you know what tonsil stones are? We know about tonsilitis, but tonsil stones? LH Prime Cebu and Thera Breath give you an easier way to know what tonsil stones are and how it can affect oral hygiene.

Do Tonsil Stones Really Cause Bad Breath

By definition, tonsil stones are globules, either yellow or white in appearance. They develop in the tonsils or adenoids, at times on the roof of your mouth, or back of your throat. It is not easily visible to the eyes, but many describe it as ‘popcorn that’s stuck at the back of your throat’. You would have to visit your doctor to know if you really have them, after a medical exam in Cebu.

The articles published at Mercola’s site also define tonsil stones as calcified structures that develop in the tonsillar crypts. They form when bacteria, food particles, and other debris left from eating would collect i the grooves of your tonsils, which later on, harden into a calcified mass. A test in a diagnostic clinic in Cebu will help reveal this.

So the big and important question, do tonsil stones cause bad breath?


Simply because of poor oral hygiene these stones exist. Some people might actually have them, but because of the size, they would eventually swallow it. There are times though, when poor oral hygiene becomes severe, the stones become large enough to cause discomfort, sore throat and many other complications. Eventually, it would lead to bad breath, also called halitosis. More often than not though, halitosis is caused by periodontal diseases and tongue problems, but because of possible complications and poor oral hygiene, thus resulting to tonsil stones.