LH Prime Goes Behind-the-Scenes: Staff Share Their Memorable Experiences and Ambitions at Work

Posted on: December 23rd, 2016
Author: LH Prime



LH Prime prides itself with providing the highest quality diagnostic services to its valued clients with state-of-the-art medical facilities and equipment. However, none of these would be possible without the wonderful people working behind-the-scenes to help the diagnostic center fulfill its duties and responsibilities to its patients.

The staff and crew of LH Prime branch were generous enough to share their experiences, dreams, and ambitions at work. Let’s get to know these everyday heroes in this special write-up!



Branch head of LH Prime Guadalupe and Labangon, Mr. Lito Aledo, has been working with the company since January 2014. It was a chapter in his personal journey, especially since arriving in Cebu City from Tacloban in the aftermath of the super typhoon Yolanda, which left his home province in a desperate state.

Despite not having enough medical background to kick start his new career with the company, he managed to rise above the challenges. He remembered his first day at work saying, “It was an eye opener. I kept hearing medical jargons thrown back and forth by patients, staff, and doctors.”

Hard work and dedication pushed Lito to make the best of everything. “(My goal is) to help as much people as I can,” he said. He admitted that seeing the expression of genuine gratitude on patients’ faces was enough to make every day at LH Prime a memorable experience. Lito revealed that it was his way of giving back as LH Prime gave him the opportunity to find work and provide for his family after Yolanda left his province devastated.

Ms. Jessa Mae Daquioag, working as the branch cashier, recently joined LH Prime. Recalling her first day of work, Jessa said that working with the company has certainly presented both challenges and opportunities that they look forward to meeting. She has never envisioned herself working in the medical field and while this prospect of being able to help her family is a welcome respite, she is quite happy to meet people with whom she can get medical advice from.



For Ms. Gianne Marie Gonzaga, on the other hand, who works as LH Prime’s radiologic technologist, is well aware of the challenges of working in a fast-paced and often demanding setting, she is thankful of the welcoming atmosphere, as she joins Jessa, as a newly hired employee this year. She says, ‘For me, everyday is memorable…simply because I am helping other people.’.



Ms. Charisse Tabios, LH Prime’s clinic nurse, knew that she always wanted to be involved in a reputable company. She said that she joined LH Prime back in January 2015 and expressed her gratitude at being able to provide for her child as well as send him to a good school by being financially independent.

When asked about her most memorable experience with the company, Charisse revealed that forming new friendships with people she was comfortable with was one of the highlights of her everyday life at work.



Ms. Kristina Marie Albos, who also joined LH Prime last year, also admitted that working with the diagnostic center helped her in more ways than one through her work as a medical technologist. Besides being given the chance to be more financially independent, she added that her work gave her a sense of well-being through inner peace and confidence, especially when it came to her career path. She hopes to excel in her field someday in the future.

Kristina also revealed that she will always treasure being able to help clients in need. She said, “Giving good service and satisfaction to my patients has always been and will always be my most unforgettable and memorable experience that I will cherish the most in LH Prime.”



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