How Can LH Prime Diagnostic Center Help You With Down Syndrome Problem

Posted on: February 23rd, 2017
Author: LH Prime

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you talk to parents who have children with Down Syndrome? One of the most common comments would be, ‘I wish I would’ve know before she was born.’ Another comment would be, ‘There are diagnostic tests already to know…I wish I had my wife take them…’

How Can LH Prime Diagnostic Center Help You With Down Syndrome Problem


LH Prime Cebu is one of the leading diagnostic clinics in Cebu that offer such diagnostics and screening tests. This is what a diagnostic clinic in Cebu can help you with.

Diagnostic clinics can do the following tests, as attested to by Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development:

  1. During the pregnancy and/or after the baby is born, Down Syndrome can be checked.
  2. During pregnancy, 2 types of tests can be done:
  1. Pre-Natal Screening test
  2. Pre-Natal Diagnostic test

There are different types of testing that can be done when you work with a diagnostic clinic in Cebu. The important information as your take away from this article is to know that there are many options that are open for you, especially during pregnancy that would allow you to know the condition of the baby even before the baby is born.

Knowing that there are different types of tests are available is already a big step. These days, with the right diagnostic clinic and armed with the prescribed medical exam in Cebu requested by your OB, you can be ready…for anything.

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, and it should not be marred by thoughts that would add worry to the parents, especially the mother. Having an anxious mother can definitely add burden to the baby. With the help of your chosen diagnostic clinic, you can be assured of results that are accurate, up to date, and with the help of your Obstetrician, you can prepare for the baby’s coming, whether you find out that the baby has Down Sydrome or not.

At the same time, certain tests require that the mother has to be at a specific number of weeks to get better reading and accurate results.