Have Your Kids Vaccinated Today!

Posted on: August 14th, 2018
Author: Dezsa Rubio
Parents want what is best for their kids. A child’s health is especially their top priority and the best way to do this is to have your kids vaccinated.

Raising a child entails a lot of security preparations in terms of finances, safety hazards and health. Ensuring a child’s safety allows them to be able to explore the world free from worrying about potential diseases that may harm them. Immunizing kids gives you the power to shield your baby from 14 of the most harmful diseases that attacks children.

If those weren’t enough to persuade you, below are five more reasons to get your child vaccinated today!

Vaccines save lives.

Immunization is one of the best tools to reduce the chances of fatal communicable diseases attacking, ensuring a safer and healthier world for children. Previous diseases that once killed thousands of children have been eliminated completely due to the effectivity of vaccines.

Vaccines protect all parts of a child’s body.

Decades ago, polio, a disease that attacks the central nervous system and infects it was transmitted in a lot of countries around the world. Diseases like polio can cause damage in one’s spinal cord causing muscle weakness and paralysis especially in the lower limbs.

Today, thanks to vaccination, reports of polio have declined and is currently present in just three countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

Vaccines are safe and effective.

Prevention is always better than cure and getting shot with vaccines is safer than getting diseases. Some people are dubious about vaccines as they may have serious effects. A less common side effects of vaccines is an immediate allergic reaction which may be potentially harmful. Cases like these though are very rare and occur in less than one in a million cases and are reversible if attended to promptly by healthcare professionals.

Vaccines means fewer sick days.

If your child is infected with a vaccine-preventable diseases, they may miss a few days in school. Time supposed to be spent learning and working will be lost due to having to take care of the kid at home. Many diseases can have worse effects on the family, some of which can cause lasting disabilities that can cripple the family income and budget.

Vaccines protect people around you.

Aside from keeping your kids safe from communicable disease, vaccines helps protect people from the community too. Vaccination promotes a safer and healthier community by preventing the spread or prevent an outbreak of diseases. Choosing to protect you child means choosing to protect your family and friends too.

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