Home Care’s First Aid Treatment for Persons with Hemophilia

Posted on: April 22nd, 2018
Author: LH Prime

A Filipino hematologist, Dr. Lepatan, reminded caregivers, parents, and patients alike of the mnemonics R.I.C.E., “whether or not treatment is available” for hemophiliacs. The PhilStar shares these important steps:

Home Care’s First Aid Treatment for Persons with Hemophilia

  • Rest. Most injuries should be rested for a while.
  • Ice. Ice pack or cold compress can alleviate the pain and can aid in healing bruises and swelling.
  • Compress. Use a splint or bandage to keep the joint still. It is advised never to wrap the joint too tightly.
  • Elevate. Lift the joint or muscle higher than the chest level and rest in on something soft.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure yet for hemophilia, but good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can help cope with hemophilia and also help avoid bleeds.

Here are other important tips in helping hemophiliacs live better amid the risk of bleeding.

  1. Regular exercise program guided by a physiotherapist will ensure patients of strong joints, muscle strength and flexibility. If you are able to maintain physical fitness, it will help in preventing bleeding. Swimming is especially recommended. While some may want to do sports like basketball, soccer, and boxing, they are contraindicated because of the danger of injury as these are contact sports. Consulting a physician for an appropriate exercise program is advised.
  2. Dental care is another important step to undertake. Good care of teeth will help prevent problems and complications, which would lead to bleeding. Tooth extractions and dental surgery can cause a major bleeding. Make sure you inform your dentist that you are hemophiliac.
  3. Aspirin and other pain relievers should always be carefully monitored. Do not take pain relievers that contain ASA (acetylsalicylic acid) or Aspirin because they can cause more bleeding. NSAIDS (Aleve, Motrin, Ibuprofen) decrease the blood’s ability to clot.
  4. Intake of foods high in uric acid should be limited. Try to avoid foods such as nuts, soy, tofu and preservatives because they have high uric acid content. These types of food can cause joint pains. Certain foods like meat are still needed in your diet, it is advisable to regulate the uric acid level by eating lots of raw fruits and vegetables.

Visit a diagnostic clinic in Cebu for any and all concerns about bleeding that you think is out of norm. Getting a medical exam in Cebu to help your doctor assess your health to give appropriate treatment is a must. LH Prime Cebu offers several lab tests and medical exams that your doctor may request for.