Our Highly Recommended Healthy Food Options For Chinese New Year’s Celebration

Posted on: January 10th, 2018
Author: LH Prime

What did you have for Christmas eve? What did you plan to have for New Year’s eve?
LH Prime Cebu shares these 10 healthy food options for Chinese New Year celebration, which would, hopefully, present a healthier selection but still offer the delicious and scrumptious delight that our palates look forward to.

Our Highly Recommended Healthy Food Options For Chinese New Year's Celebration

Here are the top highly recommended healthy dishes from Reader’s Digest’s Best Health:

  1. Honey Lime Grilled Shrimp And Pineapple Skewers
  2. Spicy Maple Syrup Chicken Wings

Yummy.ph, on the other hand, presents these appetizing and yummy dishes that every Pinoy would want to have on their plates:

  1. Molo Soup – This hearty soup has homemade broth, lots of veggies and aromatics, and dumplings filled with both pork and chicken.
  2. Chicken Relleno – This party mainstay is always a crowd favorite. This version has all these ingredients: ham, chorizo, queso de bola, and olives.
  3. Pancit Bihon Guisado – Noodle dishes are considered a “lucky dish” and this pancit has veggies, meat, and seafood, making it a complete meal.
  4. Biko (Sticky Rice) – Serving sticky dishes are also considered lucky. Usher in the new year with this delicious rice cake.
  5. DCMI recommends including seafood in your Media Noche and prosper in 2018. Fish is a great choice, not only because of its healthy reasons but it also symbolizes wealth and abundance. It swims forward, unlike crabs and lobsters that move sideways and backward. Fish scales also stand for silver or coins.

Additional tidbit to share…did you know that the Chinese translation of fish (yú), which sounds like “surplus.” The Chinese people believe that having a surplus at the end of the year is a sign of good luck. This means more blessings for the coming year. Fish dishes are traditionally eaten last, with the head and tail intact, to signify a lucky year from start to finish.

You may have gotten a few tips and new information from our article which would help in planning your menu. Hopefully, these healthy recipes shared will present very good medical exam in Cebu results when you have to visit a diagnostic clinic in Cebu.