A Guide to Medical Treatments and Facilities Available for Persons with Hemophilia in the Philippines

Posted on: April 20th, 2018
Author: LH Prime

In an article from the GMA Network, the Philippine Senate Bill 2343 states that treatment centers for hemophilia and other bleeding disorders should be established in the Philippine General Hospital for Metro Manila and there should be one in a public or state-owned hospital in Luzon, another one in Visayas, and another one in Mindanao. The said bill was passed into law by Sen Grace Poe, which hopefully, will help Filipino hemophiliacs not just with the treatment centers but also with the 100million pesos allotted funds for treatment.

A Guide to Medical Treatments and Facilities Available for Persons with Hemophilia in the Philippines

The Hemophilia Association of the Philippines for Love and Service (HAPLOS) said about one million more are affected by other types of inherited bleeding disorders such as von Willebrand Disease and other clotting factor deficiencies. This is an extremely difficult and trying condition and there should be due treatment and care given to patients who have this condition. A single treatment for a mild bleed can cost between P15,000-50,000 and a complete treatment until active bleeding stops could entail hundreds of thousands and even millions per episode. Sen Poe also proposed the creation of a small council composed of a Department of Health representative, medical practitioner specializing in hemophilia and other bleeding disorders, and representative from an organization of patients or persons suffering from the disorder. The council shall cause continuing studies and researches for various treatments, detection, and approaches to deal with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.

Hemophilia Advocates lists these treatment centers:

Brokenshire Hospital (Davao)

Cardinal Santos Medical Center (Metro Manila)

Ma. Reyna Xavier University Hospital (Cagayan de Oro City)

Philippine Children’s Medical Center (Metro Manila)

Philippine General Hospital (Metro Manila)

Perpetual Succour (Cebu)

UST Hospital (Metro Manila)

Zamboanga City Medical Center (Zamboanga City)

HAPLOS hopes to achieve these:

  • Free clotting factors
  • Bulk discounts on the purchase of blood components
  • Education, communication and registry of PWH

If you think that you are a possible hemophiliac, visit a diagnostic clinic in Cebu. LH Prime Cebu offers lab tests that would help you submit results to your doctor. Medical exam in Cebu is available, depending on the request of your doctor. Take the time to check what’s available in your local barangay to get financial help, if it is offered.