The Difference Between A Diagnostic Center And A Hospital

Posted on: February 24th, 2017
Author: LH Prime

Many patients and families alike ask this most common question, ‘Why do you have to go to a diagnostic clinic when you can have the same test or medical exam in Cebu done in the hospital?’

The Difference Between A Diagnostic Center And A Hospital

Why indeed?

These are the top 3 answers:

  1. Cost
  2. Convenience
  3. Faster results

These days, in Cebu alone, a diagnostic clinic is able to serve more than 300 customers a day. The same cannot be said for the hospital simply because the core function and purpose of the hospital is to heal, take care of the sick, and help any emergency situations. While there is truth in knowing that you can actually get the same laboratory tests and / or medical exam in the hospital, knowing that this is not the only activity and processes that the staff does, would naturally bring to mind that results and reading the medical exam would take longer, simply because the patient who is currently admitted in the hospital would take precedence over you, an out-patient customer whose laboratory tests are being done in the hospital.

Remember, a diagnostic center exists because the need to have laboratory tests and medical exams have grown higher over the years. It is becoming difficult for hospitals to catch up with the need of doctors and patients alike.

Choosing where you would have your medical exam done is entirely up to you. If you have all the time and money to spend for an exam, having it done in the hospital while you could be recuperating would be a good idea. Otherwise, if quick results and money well spent are your factors, then choose LH Prime Cebu.