Common Traditional Health Care Practices in the Philippines You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Posted on: December 3rd, 2017
Author: LH Prime

What common health care practices do we follow in the Philippines that you know of? Traditional medicine by Audi Saydoven defines it as, ‘Traditional medicine also known as indigenous health knowledge and practices include approaches, knowledge and beliefs incorporating plants, animal and /or mineral based medicines, spiritual therapies, manual techniques and exercises, applied singularly or in combination to maintain well-being, as well as treat, diagnose or prevent illness.

Common Traditional Health Care Practices in the Philippines You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

LH Prime believes in hilot. It is one of the practices of Filipino traditional medicine, did you know that? It is thought of as ‘healing’. Here are some bits of information that you might not be aware of:

  • massage makes use of the most popular and useful herbs: tanglad, lagundi, sambong and more native plants that have healing and therapeutic properties
  • there are different types of manghihilot:
  1. Comadrona – expert in post-natal massage.
  2. Acupressurist – aligns nerves and balances electrical energy.
  3. Reflexologist – drains excess energy.
  4. Herbalist – uses herbal in healing.
  • Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medication that uses “cups” on the skin to create suction. This suction is trusted to help in mobilizing blood flow and promote the healing of a broad range of medical ailments. Cupping is used in treating various diseases/conditions such as acne and facial paralysis, however, cupping can cause mild side effects, such as mild discomfort, burns, bruises, and skin infection.

There are several things that exist for the traditional health care practices that we have not heard of. LH Prime Cebu hopes to change this with this article. Hopefully, with the help of traditional health care, a medical exam in Cebu will show better results after experiencing a malady.  Visit a diagnostic clinic in Cebu to get more information about traditional health care or simply have yourself checked to know how your body is doing.