Cervical Cancer Consciousness Month: How Prevalent is This Type of Cancer in the Philippines?

Posted on: April 30th, 2018
Author: LH Prime

Did you know that one of the most prevalent cancer for women in the Philippines, as shared by ModernFilipina is cervical cancer? While there are certainly other types of cancer that plague Filipinos to this day as cancer is the 3rd leading cause of death in our country, women in particular need to be more careful and should take the time to visit a diagnostic clinic in Cebu and have yourself checked.

Cervical Cancer Consciousness Month: How Prevalent is This Type of Cancer in the Philippines

Right now, there is a special article written about cervical cancer as shared in the PressReader, and it shares that that in our country, 8-12 women die of cervical cancer everyday. A true-to-life story is shared by Winnie, who was initially diagnosed with Stage II-B cervical cancer. In the events that followed since the diagnosis, not only has she created a group where cancer patients have found an outlet as they share experiences with other cancer patients, she has found ways to help other victims thru the help of other cancer patients. Through the group she has created, patients who have leftover medication are shared to those who need them. She has taken a more pro-active role in joining seminars and giving talks about how to treat life if you have cancer. At the same time, she advocates ‘getting screened’, ‘getting vaccinated against the human papillomavirus’. These are preventive measures and they certainly make a huge difference, instead of one day, finding out that you have cervical cancer.

Currently, Winnie is in remission and she continues to work with the PGH, Philippine General Hospital. As she also works with the PCSO, she is currently helping serve more than 375 members, together with private donors and benefactors, and the groups’ officers and leaders.

As May is declared the Cervical Cancer Prevention Awareness Month, the DILG hopes to raise awareness and create more programs around the country. It is important to reiterate that ‘…Cervical cancer is curable when detected early. In connection with the Cervical Cancer Awareness Month in May, free cervical cancer screening for women 21 years old and above is offered in 58 DoH-retained hospitals nationwide…’ as shared by the PCHRD-DOST. Take the time to take medical exams in Cebu, as prescribed by your doctor. You are able to get the results quickly and have your doctor take a look at it. Screening, either through Pap smear or Visual Inspection using Acetic Acid Wash (VIA) should be done on women who are sexually active or had a history of sexual contacts.