5 Tips on Storing Firecrackers Safely

Posted on: December 15th, 2016
Author: LH Prime

From a medical exam in Cebu, a patient experiences a couple of fingers that he wouldn’t be able to use anymore in the future because of a firecracker that burst while he was still about to light it up. There are simply too many stories about firecrackers that are actually still active, but one couldn’t tell.

5 tips on storing firecrackers safely


LH Prime Cebu advocates the use of firecrackers but also being safe about it.

UK Firework Review always maintains that:

  • Fireworks should be kept away from any sources of heat or ignition
  • Fireworks are kept dry
  • Never smoke when you start lighting up fireworks

Change of temperature is a significant factor when you store firecrackers. As much as possible, keep them dry.

Fireworks.ph lists the top 5 safe storage:

  1. Firecrackers purchased always come with its own packaging. There is a reason to this so make sure that you purchase them brand new.
  2. Do not store them where they can get wet. Should they get wet, do not put under the sun so firecrackers can dry up.
  3. Always buy from licensed manufacturers. There is a reason why they have such license and you can be assured that the government has made the necessary inspection.
  4. Always store firecrackers in a cool and dry place. Also store in a place where children cannot easily reach for it or access it.
  5. Reject and failed firecrackers should be properly disposed. Do not attempt to open it up to create a new one. Choose a box that has a safety lock or one that can really be sealed, or that is air-tight.

Every diagnostic clinic in Cebu will be open and vigilant this coming season of festivities. Amid the government’s call for fireworks prevention, there will still be people who feel that they can be ‘safe’, but accidents always happen. This year though, let’s make it a ‘prevention is better than cure’ dogma.

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