5 Healthy Exercises You Can Start This New Year

Posted on: January 12th, 2018
Author: LH Prime

Have you gained weight? Don’t worry. We know about the parties, get-togethers ranging from family affairs, barkada  hangouts, office festivities and everything else in between.

5 Healthy Exercises You Can Start This New Year

This 2018, Year of the Dog, we will share the top 5 healthy exercises that LH Prime Cebu hopes to persuade, encourage and coax you to try out.

  1. Walking
  2. Running / Fast Walk / Jogging
  3. Biking / Spinning
  4. Jumping Rope
  5. Yoga

Let’s start with the basics: walking. No one can ever go wrong with a 30-minute walk every day. Whether you decide to do so early in the morning or just after dinner, as you wind down and prepare for bed. It is simply the best cardio exercise that you can incorporate to your day, plus you can do it, whatever age range you belong to.

Running/ fast walk/ jogging would probably be for the more athletic group of people. It really boils down to motivation and finding the time to do at least 30 minutes per day, even every other day, is still advisable. As long as you do exercises that pump that heart and get the blood going, you’re good to go.

Biking / spinning, jumping rope and yoga — we’ll encompass all three as one.

The bottom line is for you to find THE TIME! There simply is no other way to put it. You can find reasons enough to put off starting these exercises, but then again, who’ll endure the additional weight, not to mention the love handles along the middle area that you are seeing when you look at the mirror?

Find motivation…whether that may be. Look good and be healthier this 2018 – for yourself! These exercises will certainly show improvement as you visit a diagnostic clinic in Cebu and go through medical exam in Cebu to know how your body is doing on the inside. Let your doctor inform you how healthy your heart is, your kidney is…and everything else. With any of these exercises incorporated to your day, you would certainly feel the change.