10 Ways to Help Your Child Prepare for a Diagnostic Test in Cebu City

Posted on: December 9th, 2016
Author: LH Prime

Children get anxious when you tell them that they need to go and have a diagnostic test in Cebu. Adults feel anxious, so why not kids, right?

10 ways to help your child prepare for a diagnostic test in cebu city


LH Prime Cebu shares the ways to prepare your child for a diagnostic test in Cebu City. After all, you know that every consultation with your doctor would almost always require you to have an exam of sorts to help in properly examining your illness.

Every diagnostic clinic in Cebu would easily tell you that getting the child to participate in test is tricky. More often than not, would require more than 1 technician. So let’s help each other…both parent and medical technician.

10 Ways to prepare your child:

  1. Talk it out – let your child know what is about to happen. Let him know that you will be going to a diagnostic clinic and what exam or test he will have to go through.
  2. Be realistic – honesty is always key. If the test entails getting blood and a needle, make sure you tell your child about this. Each person’s threshold of pain is different. In letting your child know what to expect, he will also set his expectations.
  3. Set the schedule to a time when he would be at his most relaxed. This would mean it wouldn’t be scheduled when he’s about to sleep, or have his meal, or after class when he’d be tired. Unless the test to be taken would need fasting.
  4. Talk. Many believe that talking is over-rated, but talking helps a lot. With children, it is good to let them know about what is about to happen. Letting them talk about their feelings and if they’re feeling apprehensive or if things are fine, is a way for them to talk about their feelings, perhaps, and this would definitely remove their mind off anything scary, or which might cause their anxiety.
  5. Distraction – these days children have a gadget at hand – all the time. This time though, it is a good time. If your child would be going through CBC, then playing with his gadget is certainly going to take his mind off a needle.
  6. Water and hydrate – more often than not, exams that are required for children would be the urinalysis, so try to get your child to hydrate and keep drinking water. This would make the test so much easier to deal with when you get to the diagnostic center.
  7. Determine participation – more often than not, we demand that our kids go through something simply because we say so. Now with this diagnostic test that is much needed, the demand is even higher. Try to determine participation on the part of the child, and if you could make it an active participation for him, all the better. Explaining its purpose would also do you good and you might probably get an even enthusiastic response from him.
  8. Rehearsing – like any child, doing a role-play is going to sound like fun. Making the activity of going to a diagnostic clinic can be fun if you inject a little role playing. You could probably be the med tech who’d take his blood. You can also be the x-ray technician who needs to have him go through an x-ray machine…situations are endless. This will allow your child to set his expectations and at the same time, make it fun for him…and you…as you do this rehearsing of sorts.
  9. Stay with the child – many parents do not like to go through the test with their child because they don’t like to see their child getting hurt. Who does, right? At the same time, leaving your child with someone else, more so with a stranger, is just going to make things worse. Stay with your child and he would definitely feel more secure.
  10. Setting expectations – when you are honest and set the expectations for your child, you get his respect. He’d know that you wouldn’t sugar-coat everything just for him to go through the diagnostic test. This would make him trust you more…and this is very important.

Following these 10 steps to prepare your child will make any visit to the doctor, or medical clinic in Cebu…so much easier.

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