10 Fun, Safe Alternatives to Fireworks

Posted on: December 12th, 2016
Author: LH Prime

One of the things that we all look forward to the holidays is the fireworks. Then again, in this day and age, there are simply too many negative feedback on firecrackers and fireworks that more and more cities are banning its use. Then again, if you actually think about how our grandparents and their grandparents celebrated Christmas and New Year…there were fireworks in the past, right?

10 fun safe alternatives to fireworks


So what really makes any festivities grand, enjoyable and memorable? It’s the people you celebrate it with. This is why LH Prime Cebu shares the fun and safe alternatives to fireworks. No need to visit any diagnostic clinic in Cebu for any burns, exploded fingers, and what-not.

Parenting.com shares these 10 fun and safe ways to enjoy the upcoming festivities this December:

  1. Bubbles – who doesn’t love bubbles? Unless of course, you accidentally fall in the path of one, and experiencing a big bubble bursting right in your eyes. Ouch! To make it even more fun why not add glow in the dark colors to your bubbles? Now, bubbles can be enjoyed in the darkest of nights to light up the sky, the room, your garage and see the little ones scamper after them.
  2. Inflated balloons have always been and will always be a fun way to spend time with friends and loved one. Imagine putting led lights inside and letting them fly to the sky. Go crazy with a rainbow of LED lights.
  3. Paint those old and used bottles. Instead of letting Mama and Manang throw used bottles from mayonnaise, peanut butter, and many, many others after making that gigantic macaroni salad, let the kids…and adults, have fun painting glass bottles. Use glow in the dark paints too.
  4. Glow sticks. Who can go wrong with glow sticks? They’re quite pricey during All Souls Day….make Christmas and New Year an added event for this fun play thing.
  5. Silly string – while a tad pricey, when you see the kids … and adults … spray each other and everyone else with silly string…it’s really worth the money spent.
  6. Colored powder – who says colored powder is only best used during Sinulog or during fun runs? Use it this Christmas and New Year…and see how crazy, colorful…not to mention messy everyone would be…amid all the smiles.
  7. Flashlights…with a twist. Cover your flashlights with different colored cellophane. Create a rainbow of lights this Christmas and New Year.
  8. Aside from lights and bubbles and bursts of color, I’m pretty sure you would want something wet, sticky, and child-like fun. Why not open a bottle of coke and put mentos inside? A classic froth and bursting fizz to wet everyone around.
  9. Are you into popping stuff? If you are, then start collecting paper bags, plastic bags (although this really isn’t very environment-friendly), bubble wrap, and water balloons. These will surely make any quiet evening of festivities alive…amid the shrieks and laughter of everyone.
  10. Noisemakers – stock up on noisemakers for Christmas and New Year. Whistles, horns, clappers, poppers for birthdays, and any child’s toy that would emit sounds.

These may be not be easily welcomed on Christmas eve, but this is certainly better than a medical exam in Cebu for a blasted finger. Truth be told, they sound lame. The idea is to make sure everyone is safe, everyone is together for this Christmas and New Year…and that’s what matters the most.

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